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Tap to pay with your phone

Add your NAGA Pay card to Google Wallet to get fast, secure access to your everyday essentials. Tap to pay with NAGA Pay everywhere Google Pay is accepted.
Google Pay is accepted everywhere you see these symbols
Simple and Secure
Just tap and go, knowing that your payments are safely encrypted before, during, and after every purchase.
Pay with your phone anywhere contactless payments are accepted. Just unlock it, hold it to the reader, and go.
Globally Accepted
With NAGA Pay in your Google Wallet, you can make payments everywhere Google Pay is accepted.
How to add NAGA Pay cards to Google Pay
Adding your NAGA Pay cards to Google Pay is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps:
Open the NAGA Pay app and tap on the card you want to add
Tap on "Add to Google Wallet"
Follow the on-screen instructions and you’re all set

How to Use Google Pay via NAGA Pay

How to pay in store
  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. Hold it near the terminal.
  3. Look for the check mark to confirm the payment is complete.
Google Pay is accepted everywhere you see these symbols:
How to pay on apps and websites
  1. At checkout, tap the Google Pay button
  2. If asked, choose a payment method and enter your shipping address.
  3. Confirm your order.
Look for the Google Pay button at checkout:


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